Power Investments Group

Power Investments Group is a venture capital fund & platform dedicated to enabling early-stage founders with transformative solutions in our world. We bring a community of strategic thinkers, investors, and experts in our journey to ensure that the startups we help in building are given the support and structure their founders need to grow and flourish beyond expectations. We focus on energy, technology, biotechnology and healthcare.


  • Amount: $150K - $3 million
  • Profile: innovative team, large target market and solid product
  • Status: prototype or proof of concept product to early customer testing/adoption

About Power Investments

Power Investments is a global power development and investment company. Our mission is to develop and manage a portfolio of strategic investments in the power sector globally. Set up to take advantage of energy investment opportunities created by the global growth in demand for electricity, we are an active player in the evolving global power industry, pioneering future energy solutions through its long-term investments.

Power Investments Strategy

We pursue long-term sustainable value creation and a well-balanced investment portfolio. We aim to develop key competencies and expertise across all technologies and target markets. We adopt financial discipline while pursuing growth, by combining a research-intensive, fundamental-based investment process with a strict risk management platform, emphasizing performance attribution which stems primarily from sector-expertise abilities, or “alpha”.

Target Markets

Power Investments targets sustainable long-term investment opportunities in the global power sector in the rapidly developing markets of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America as well as in the developed markets.

Executive Management

To execute on our strategy we have brought together a highly professional management team with a balanced mix of global and local experience in the power and utilities sectors.

Our Team

The members of Power Investment Group have extensive experience in investing and operational leadership. Their combined experience enables Power Investment Group to have a deeper understanding of industry sectors trends while utilizing business fundamentals and enhancing performance of the companies in which they invest in. Building solid relationships with proven management teams and supporting them in the execution of their ideas and strategies has become our forte and we intend to remain involve every step of the way in order to see our investments succeed.

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